medASTUTE is a specialty healthcare consulting company.

We employ a combination of data, technology, and decades of industry experience to help those within the healthcare industry in the areas of: cost, compliance, efficiency, and quality.

In short, we help individuals & businesses make better healthcare decisions.

Analytical Mindset

Your data can reveal powerful insights. But it takes a collaborative partner to shine a light on them. We know exactly how to work with your data to spot trends and identify opportunities that can promote growth and positive change for your business.

Strategic & Tactical Readiness

"Knowledge is power," so the saying goes. The reality is, knowledge has no value until you apply it to achieve a desired outcome. That is true in healthcare as companies try to improve quality while reducing costs. Our team can help guide those efforts to ensure a smoother path for your organization.

User Satisfaction

Ongoing interaction and consistent communication with the business community are important to us. As a trusted partner and advocate, we strive to support your associates and lead them on the path to success. An engaged and energized workforce leads to better results for your organization.

Technology Acceptance

Healthcare technology can sometimes be as cumbersome and complex as healthcare itself. But that should not deter you from embracing it. We understand a variety of systems and applications that support your business and the broader healthcare system. Our team can help you bridge the gap between technology and user.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

What is entrepreneurial spirit? It is not a subject you are taught in a classroom. Rather, it is a passion that develops and burns within you. Over time, it becomes part of who you are.
1. Entrepreneurial spirit is the willingness to embrace critical thinking, creativity, innovation, and continuous improvement.
2. Entrepreneurial spirit is a desire to meet the challenges head on, not recoil from them.
3. Entrepreneurial spirit is an enthusiasm for helping businesses solve problems (big or small, simple or complex) and achieve their goals.
4. Entrepreneurial spirit is why medASTUTE was formed.



medASTUTE was founded on 6 guiding principles.

What We Offer

Extensive Industry Knowledge

100+ years of combined industry experience across providers and payers, spanning operations, finance, IT, data.

Actionable Insights

We help our clients generate analytical insights that can lead to better cost, quality, efficiency, and compliance results.

Client-Centric Approach

We tailor our services to address a client’s specific set of issues and recommend feasible solutions.

Our Experience

Meet The Leadership Team

Lance De Peralta

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Vanessa Griggley-Owens, MBA, RHIA, CHC

Co-Founder & Chief Compliance/Privacy Officer

Daniel Sherer

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer


Vice President of Strategy & Operations

Your Advantage

Payer Services

Analytics Assessment

An in-depth analysis can yield many growth and improvement opportunities.

Accelerated Adoption

Improve the adoption process and reduce the time to value for your staff.

Risk Mitigation

Oversight to minimize risk and ensure a successful implementation.

Independent Verification &Validation (IV&V)

Apply subject matter expertise during testing and validation of 3rd-party solutions.

Provider Services

Risk, Strategy & Operations Consulting

Overcome organizational issues including compliance, revenue integrity, and patient throughput.​

Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)

Enhance your CDI program to meet industry standard query response rates & agreement rate metrics.

Advisors & Partners

We are honored and privileged to have clinical/physician advisors well respected in the industry on our team. In addition, we have built a growing network of partners to complement and augment our existing capabilities to meet the needs of our clients.

Terry Fouts, MD


Henrietta Comrie, RHIT, CCS, CPCO, CCDS, CPC, CRC
AHIMA Approved ICD-10 CM/PCS Trainer

Comrie Consulting

Registered Partner

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