Wishing our readers a joyful and prosperous “Year of the Tiger”!

The Year of the Tiger may represent a pivotal moment in history. The tiger embodies bravery and courage. 2022 could therefore symbolize strength and resilience, even in times of struggle. Let us hope this year marks the beginning of great change, a movement away from the chaos & challenges of the last few years and …

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2022 Already Filled With (Un)expected Surprises!

Happy New Year!!!! If you’re a first-time visitor – WELCOME! If you’re a returning visitor – WELCOME BACK! WOW! 2022 is off to a rather interesting start.  Here are just a few things that have already happened. Hospital Price Transparency – UPDATE The federal law known as the Hospital Price Transparency Rule, which requires hospitals …

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Impressions on In-Person Days 3 and 4 at #HIMSS21

As the week went on, and we got to chat with attendees who have been to MANY past HIMSS conferences, two things really became clear to me. First, by all accounts, this year’s gathering was FAR smaller than recent years.  The large open spaces with park benches, where vendors had pulled-out, weren’t supposed to be …

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HIMSS21: Day Four Highlights

View this post on Instagram A post shared by medASTUTE Consulting LLC (@medastute_llc) Our last day at HIMSS. We visited some more booths – Canon Medical & Arcadia stood out. Unlike the previous 3 days, Thursday was kinda dead.  Many attendees & exhibitors either left already or were about to bail. My flight home was (almost) …

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Goodbye HIMSS21

HIMSS21 – that’s a wrap! Flew home last night. Despite the low in-person turnout, it was an amazing and productive week in Sin City.  So much so that we couldn’t post quick enough – HA! Took a TON of pictures & notes!  We’ll post about our experiences the last couple days soon. Until then, Happy …

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Impressions on In-Person Day 2 at #HIMSS21

This is my first year attending HIMSS (in-person) although I’ve been to many other conferences, both as a vendor and attendee, including attending HIMSS Europe digitally. Although Tuesday is officially the second day, it’s really the first day the show is fully open. On Monday there were almost no sessions (unless you paid additional fees) …

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HIMSS21: Day Two Highlights

Here are just a few of the highlights of Day 2. Enjoy! Chatted with some amazing vendors including: LiveCare Corp. TytoCare ELLKAY Attended a few sessions too.

HIMSS21: Day One Highlights

Day One (Aug 9) is officially in the books!  Despite COVID, turnout was ok.  Although we heard that total attendance this week will probably be less than half the normal size (usually 45,000-50,000 people). The conference is spread out across Caesar’s, Venetian, and the Sands Expo Center.  The 100-degree weather in Vegas isn’t so bad …

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