“Do-it-yourself” or “Hire a Pro”: How do you decide?

Consumerism, Health & Wellness / By Daniel Sherer / December 30, 2021

Credit: Featured photo taken by Daniel Sherer

Every day, whether running your business or just around the house, you’re faced with choices when you need something done.  In many cases, it’s so obvious whether you should take care of it yourself (assuming you don’t just ignore it) or get someone else to do it.  It’s true for changing a light bulb and it’s true for managing healthcare for yourself and your employees.

Sometimes, it’s so easy that “of course I’ll take care of this myself.” Maybe it’s just a single burned-out lightbulb and you already have a replacement on-hand.  Unless you have some sort of mobility challenge, you’ll probably switch it out faster than you can read this blog.  But maybe not.  Maybe it’s in a difficult location that would require a bucket lift.  Maybe you’re in a wheelchair and need a hand.  Or maybe it’s one of ten-thousand lights on your campus and you need a full-time electrician to attend to things like this.  Every scenario could be different, but what’s common is that choosing the wrong option could result in wasted time, money, or resources.  Or, in the case of healthcare and hard-to-reach bulbs, it could result in injury or premature death.  (Let’s not get too melodramatic, but I’m sure you’ve seen pictures and videos of some fool standing on a ladder, on top of a forklift trying to change a bulb in their church or gym.)

Our Experience | Your Advantage

When it comes to lightbulbs, it seems pretty simple.  If you can reach it and you have the bulb, you change it yourself.  Same with healthcare, right?  You want to offer healthcare to your employees (and yourself!), so you just make a few calls or ask your buddy down at the Chamber.  Easy-Peasy.  Umm, I’m going to have to disagree.  Unless you’re already an insurance broker or very familiar with the industry, you may have to spend a lot more time learning the details and even then, is it worth your time to become and remain an expert?

Every business is a little bit (or a LOT) different.  What’s good enough for some other business might not deliver the best results (and price) for your business.  Maybe your “buddy” has a business employing mostly middle-aged workers while your employees are predominantly in their 20’s and 30’s?  It’s very likely that YOUR employees need more access to maternity and pediatric care while your buddy’s staff is more concerned with knee-replacements than Lamaze-birthing.

Some lightbulbs you still might want to change for yourself, so we have resources available to help you handle as much on your own as makes sense.  We have calculators, worksheets and many articles that can guide you.  But sometimes the situation will merit some assistance or a “second pair of eyes”.  When that happens, or when you’re not sure what the options (and costs) are, then it’s time to give us a call.  We’ll be happy to chat with you to find out what you need and refer you to the right resources or give you a quote on services that we can provide.

Our purpose is simple: Our Experience | Your Advantage

When it comes to healthcare and health insurance, why not leverage our decades of industry experience to your advantage by making the best choices for yourself, your business, and the people around you?

In the meantime, be careful climbing that ladder…are you sure your insurance is going to cover a fall?  (don’t even get me started on workers’ comp claims!)

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