National Nutrition Month

“‘Let thy food be thy medicine,’ said Hippocrates (a long, long time ago), but the sentiment still rings true. National Nutrition Month, celebrated in March, stresses the importance of a balanced diet and exercise. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics promotes the transformative powers of healthy food choices. The Academy encourages using a registered dietitian in order to develop and stick with a healthy eating plan.”

Of the two (diet and exercise) – diet is the worse! IMHO…

Frankly speaking, dieting sucks!

Traditional / typical dieting that is…

Back in November 2020 (while in lockdown), I came across a nutrition regimen on the interwebs which completely altered my views on food and dieting – specifically WHAT to eat and HOW to eat. This new mindset helped me lose serious LBS without giving up the foods and sweets I enjoy. It’s become (believe it or not) a healthy lifestyle, and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!

Thank you COVID!

P.S. Pizza – one of my all-time faves!

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